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Public Sector Consultants specialises in providing interim managers and consultants to the public sector in general and to local authorities in particular.

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The Company

The Company

Public Sector Consultants Limited is a company that specialises in providing interim managers and consultants to the public sector in general and to local authorities in particular. The company has been operating since 28 January 2000 and we have worked with over half the local authorities in England & Wales including 30 of the 32 London boroughs, approximately 100 organisations in the NHS as well as many other public sector bodies.

Our core business has always been and remains providing resources on a temporary basis to meet one off project needs, to deal with specific areas where skills are in short supply or to help where exceptional events have occurred causing a need for additional inputs.

Within our core area of activity we have focussed on professional resources, specifically people who deliver support services in the areas of finance, revenues & benefits, human resources, procurement, project management, IT, etc. For many years our resource base consisted of a mix of employed consultants and subcontractors but, recent changes in the patterns of demand for such resources have led to a change in our business model.

We are comfortable working with councils big and small, districts and unitaries, mets and counties, and also supplying resources through neutral vendors; we have been working with Comensura for 3 years, Matrix for the last year and most recently we signed up with Manpower.

The Future

2013 is the year when the Audit Commission steps aside and the private firms take over external audit. As always public sector bodies need to get their accounts closed in a way that will ensure that their auditors can undertake their work without hindrance and that the need for additional work is minimised; however the case for this is even stronger this year since delays and additional work could be more costly than previously.

2013 is also the year of major changes in benefit payments & revenue collection. Universal credits, local council tax benefit schemes and the localisation of business rates are all challenges facing councils. Specifically in relation to the management of benefits we have worked with approximately 100 councils, assisting with the full range of challenges faced in this area; implementation of new systems, system interfaces, backlogs of payments, service reviews, structural changes, management input, government returns/subsidy calculations, staff & member training, etc.


Whatever your interim management & consultancy needs are in 2013, Public Sector Consultants continues to be the best place to go for help. I look forward to working with you.
Stephen Prince
Chief Executive


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